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Speed counts - also when calculating a damage

Zurich Insurance wants to offer customers and partners intelligent solutions in claims management. In an innovative pilot project with T-Systems and the InsurTech company Spearhead, Zurich is testing new potential to accelerate processes after a motor vehicle loss.

Interview with David Thüning from Spearhead about telematics and automotive claims management

Digital services in the core composite business - Are telematics solutions still changing car insurance?

The revolution in automotive claims management

The process of automotive claims settlement is often complex, time-consuming, non-transparent and full of media breaks. And the process from the first notification of loss to the settlement of the claim can easily take up to two weeks. This is exactly where our revolution in automotive claims management sets in.

Reinventing automotive fleet management

Innovative telematics solutions for fleet operators are in demand. The new service concept "Fleet Management 4.0" of MSS Holding AG, developed together with Spearhead AG, goes one step further and guarantees an unprecedented degree of efficiency-enhancing automation, especially in the event of an accident.

Strategic partnership between DEKRA and Spearhead

DEKRA and Spearhead agree on a strategic partnership for the step into the digital future in the field of motor vehicle claims management. The aim is to develop and offer innovative services for digital claims management based on telematics data, among other things.

Spearhead partners with T-Systems

Spearhead and T-Systems optimize automotive claims management through the use of vehicle telematics, state-of-the-art statistical models, machine learning, AI and leading claims and repair management practices.